Teplitsa: Russian IT Social Greenhouse Celebrates its First Birthday.

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Few days ago I visited Moscow in order to participate in an exciting event.  It was a first birthday of unique project: “Teplitsa Socialnih Technologiy”  (Greenhouse of Social Technologies). In order to understand the distinctive role of this project, one need to make a short tour to a recent history of ICT4D (ICT for Development). […]


2013 – My Spaces: between writing and doing.

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Most of this year I spent on my way to LSE.  Despite the fact that LSE library is overcrowded and sometimes it is difficult to find working space on the campus, Holborn area with all its coffee places and venues was like a big office for me. I am happy about my progress with PhD, […]

PhD and research

“The Hunt” movie: about rationality of Habermasian lifeworld.

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Watching “The Hunt” by a brilliant Danish director Thomas Vinterberg was probably one of the strongest cinematographic experiences of this year. Amazing work of the director and Mads Mikkelsen, who plays Lucas, a teacher in nursery who is falsely accused by a small girl in a sexual abuse keeps you deeply involved in the world […]


2013 My Spaces: between work and play.

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The first part of this post is here. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… 2013 was very intense and challenging year, but if you happen to follow me on Facebook it might looked like that my life is more about play than work. No it’s not, but I also don’t want to […]


Putin and journalists: press conference as ritual and mode of goverance.

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As usual, a press conference with the Russian president has made headlines and covered a lot of issues. Obviously some issues can be considered as newsworthy (it’s difficult that nothing would be interesting when the press-conference lasts more than 4 hours) e.g. relationship with former minister of finance who is currently considered to be oppositional […]

Middle East

Targeting civilians online: Participatory warfare and changes in the nature of conflict.

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The recent Israeli operation in Gaza strip (“Pillar of Defense”) provided another proof for increasing role of the Internet in modern warfare. An argument that conflicts take place not only in physical, but also in virtual space cannot surprise anyone anymore. Online conflicts have two major forms. The first is so called “propaganda war” when […]

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